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432Hz (Eng)

Dear visitor,

Looking for the 432hz-experience? I’ve dedicated this page entirely to the fascinating subject of the ‘432hz tuning’, searching to understand that which I experience myself. Feel free to explore for yourself, and/or help me out with new links and info. And perhaps listen to some of my 432hz piano music while you’re at it :)

Why most of my website is in Dutch


What is it, ‘432hz’?

There is no easy answer…It’s a very complicated subject crossing many disciplines, and surrounded by myths that make it very hard to discern what’s true and what’s not.
Anyway, in practice, ‘432hz’ will mostly mean that an instrument gets tuned to reference pitch A=432hz instead of the regular A=440hz. Technically this is just a tiny bit lower! (watch video to the right)
Connections to sacred geometry, vortex based mathmatics and old civilisations look great and may be true, but often refer to a Pythagorean tuning while music is normally played in ‘equal temperament’. Very confusing…See below for my attempt to a ‘432hz for dummies’. I find it important to put the experience itself at first place, and not all the theories. And for me it’s a very joyful, intense experience. I love playing my piano in 432hz (equal temperament), it’s an awesome tool for me and the response I get is warm. I hope you’ll experience the same musical pleasure!
Freek Zwanenberg

My recent 432hz piano album Fragments of Flow
Demonstration on guitar 432hz vs 440hz

Geometry of 432hz-sounds – By Derrick Scot van Heerden

432hz for Dummies

My personal view on 432hz


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