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Fragments of Flow (english)

January 20, 2014: Two months ago I released my first solo album, Fragments of Flow. A mysterious cd filled with my best piano improvisations in the 432hz-tuning.

Just 500 physical copies were produced (limited edition), of which I’ve sold more than 200 already, mostly in the Netherlands. Now it’s time to target the rest of the world!

On this page you can order, listen to- and download Fragments of Flow. You can also find some background info, and inspirational video-streams. Enjoy!

Improvisation art piece

Fragments of Flow is my first improvisation art piece to be made available in physical, CD format; a solo album containing a collection of my favourite piano improvisations in 432hz. The music varies from meditative to tempestuous and all tracks were composed, performed and recorded at the same time.


The music of Fragments of Flow was recorded in the A=432hz-tuning, instead of the conventional A=440hz. In my experience, tones sound more natural in the 432hz-tuning; a sort of ‘vibrating undertone’ comes into being, which I find to be very relaxing and mind-opening. It’s as if I can feel the music with my whole body instead of just my head. Emotions seem more powerful. Do you experience the difference? If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to visit my (other english) page about 432hz.

Who will be the lucky owners?

As with artistic pieces such as etchings and prints, there is only a limited amount of physical copies of Fragments of Flow in circulation: just 500 CDs were printed. Each CD is numbered, and the CD-booklet leaves space for a handwritten message (if so desired). Being unique, Fragments of Flow is a meaningful gift for someone you care for.

Direct ordering
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Co-creators of Fragments of Flow

ARTWORK – Website builder and graphic artist Jeroen van Vliet created the magical design of the cd and its booklet. I couldn’t have wished for a better visual translation of my music.

Take a look at the beautiful design of Fragments of Flow

AUDIO MASTERING – Ataul Haay of Eardrum Audio Tech performed miracles on the original recordings. The current warm and rich sound has been carefully mastered by him at Defeat Studio’s in Zoetermeer.

First presentation of Fragmnents of Flow

Live cd-presentation in pictures